Beaverton’s Active After School Program: Kids Have Fun, Stay Fit, and Learn!

After school programWe all live busy lives. From having a family, working, and getting some “me-time,” we tend to stay rather occupied, and frankly overwhelmed. As our kids begin their new school year, many of us are looking for a place for our kids to go while we finish out our workday. However, there are many things to consider such as safety, the ability to be picked up from their school, and the activities that they will participate in in whichever program you choose.

Here at BIO Force, we understand the need for an after school program that keeps kids safe, active, and learning all at the same time and that’s why we created our after school program.

What does the program look like?:

The after school program we offer is available Monday through Friday from 3-6:00pm PST giving you enough time to finish out your workday instead of stressing over who is watching over you children. You are able to choose whether or not your child needs all 5 days or less; we want to help you!

While your child is here with our professional trainers, they will learn and participate in a number of different exercises. From circuit training to nutrition training and fun games (after they get some time to do their homework of course!), we want to ensure that your children get the health education they need that is not often taught at school.

We are conveniently located near Scholls Heights Elementary, Nancy Ryles Elementary, Huntington Learning Center, and Hiteon Elementary. We start off the after school program by picking your children up from their school and return to our facility to get them engaged. Our priority is making sure your kids are safe.

During the first hour (3-4pm), we give your kids the opportunity to complete their homework as they enjoy a healthy snack. If they finish their homework early, they have free time until 4pm where they are encouraged to participate in a physical activity – after all, keeping your kids moving is our goal!

The next hour is what we call our “workout hour.” During the workout hour, your children will participate in either a strength training circuit with our specialized youth strength equipment or what we refer to as bootcamp. Our bootcamp is made up of a lot of body weight exercises like running, jumping, jump squats, planks, or SAQ (speed agility quickness) and varies every workout. Our mission is to get your children’s heart rate elevated and to burn the maximum number of calories while they are here with us at BIO Force Youth Fitness.

The last hour of our weekly after school program is free time where kids are encouraged to play active games with one another until their parents pick them up. Again, safety is a top priority for us so we ensure that they are supervised at all times.

The importance of childhood activity:

As we have said before, childhood obesity is at an all time high. We, as parents, have the opportunity to change the astounding statistics as mentioned in “5 Reasons Kids Should Start Exercising at an Early Age.” By encouraging our kids to use their free time to be active, we can instill healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Many schools have decreased, if not eliminated, the PE requirements for our kids. After hours spent in the classroom, our children need the time to be active and an after school program that teaches them the importance of a healthy lifestyle can replace or supplement their PE requirements.

The trainers behind our active after school program:

As parents, we understand the want and need to know the people interacting with our children. We would like to introduce you to the two trainers who run the after school program here at BIO Force.

Meet Tyler CareyTyler 7

As a native Oregonian, Tyler’s passion for and dedication to sports and fitness began at a young age. In his youth, Tyler participated in elite youth baseball through high school where he grew to love an active lifestyle. Over the years, he has become an avid snowboarder, wake boarder, and fitness expert with a broad knowledge of nutrition and supplements.

Tyler is a graduate of the California University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science & Sports Management. Upon graduating, Tyler worked as a personal & master trainer for 9 years and an exercise physiologist, assisting physical therapists attending to their patients, for two and a half years.

Tyler holds national certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Sports Performance Specialist, and is certified in shoulder and knee rehab.

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and family.

Meet Lynette Vicens
Lynette 1

With over ten years of experience helping individuals improve their health, achieve weight loss, and become more active, Lynette is an important part of the BIO FORCE team. At a young age, Lynette developed a passion for sport participating in gymnastics, tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball, and dancing. As her passion for health and sports developed, Lynette obtained her degree in Nutrition.

In her spare time, Lynette enjoys outdoor activities like wake boarding, soccer, and hiking, as well as salsa dancing, traveling, and hosting dinners for family and friends.

Lynette has a BS in Nutrition from the University of Puerto Rico and is a certified as a registered dietician and personal trainer.


We can’t wait to have your children participate in our after school program, even if they are only here once a week! Get in touch with us today to learn more and enroll in the after school program.

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