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Setting Yearly Fitness Goals!

It doesn’t matter when you start a new resolution, any year can start TODAY! Here are some tips for setting yearly goals: If you didn’t reach last years goals, keep working Just because you didn’t reach your goals from last year, don’t give up on them. Keep working towards reaching those…

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What is the Winter Challenge

For those of you who have ever trained with us at BIO Force Youth Fitness, you know we love a challenge! Whether challenging yourself to do 5 more reps, trying a new exercise, pushing towards a goal, or signing up for a marathon, challenging yourself in your fitness journey is…

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Why Your Posture Is So Important

“Sit up straight!” “Pull your shoulders back.” “Don’t slouch!” How many of us have heard one of these from one or both of our parents? We often get annoyed, roll our eyes, and walk away, but what they are telling us to do about our posture is very important! What…

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Workouts Can Be More Productive With A Workout Buddy

As we’ve said before, we all live busy lives. From work to school and extracurricular activities, finding time for anything else can seem impossible. However, we all know the importance of working out – not only for our health, but to help us maintain a work-life balance. But, as we…

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Truth or Myth: Spot Training Works

The truth about spot training - it doesn't work!

“Use this one piece of equipment for 10 minutes and get rock hard abs!” “Try this new piece of equipment and tighten and tone your inner thighs!” “Get buns of steel by doing this one exercise over and over again!” “I just went to lose 10 pounds from my stomach…

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Trick-or-Healthy Treat: Healthy Halloween Treats

Traditional Halloween candy

It’s that time of the year again; picking out the must-have costume, selecting the perfect pumpkin to carve with the spookiest design – it’s Halloween! Every year, thousands of kids take to their communities with their parents close behind and go door-to-door looking for the biggest candy bar. When they…

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What Smiling Can Do For Your Mood

Smile like you mean it!

Have you ever been having a really bad day and had someone give all of his or her effort to make you smile? Did you know that their actions are not only trying to improve your your mood, but your health, too? As adults, we tend to become stressed and…

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Beaverton’s Active After School Program: Kids Have Fun, Stay Fit, and Learn!

Beaverton's After school program

We all live busy lives. From having a family, working, and getting some “me-time,” we tend to stay rather occupied, and frankly overwhelmed. As our kids begin their new school year, many of us are looking for a place for our kids to go while we finish out our workday.…

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Back to School – Starting Off the School Year on a Healthy Foot

Back to school season

Summer has come to a close and kids are on their way back to school. The beginning of every school year is an important time for our kids; meeting their new teachers, getting into a routine of school, homework, and extracurricular activities, and making new friends. However, the beginning of…

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6 Ways to Improve Your Posture

Ways to improve your posture

How many times have you heard “Stand up straight?” From early childhood, we have been reminded regularly that we should have good posture and standing up straight is just one small part of the good posture equation. When we have “good posture,” our bones are aligned which allows your body…

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