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6 Ways to Improve Your Posture

6 Ways to Improve Your Posture

How many times have you heard “Stand up straight?” From early childhood, we have been reminded regularly that we should have good posture and standing up straight is just one small part of the good posture equation. When we have “good posture,” our bones are aligned...

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This gym is definitely the best medicine for every parents nightmare “Puberty”!  We introduced our boy to Bio-force a year and a half ago and he is doing fabulous!  He is excelling in school, sports, confidence, morals, and life in general.  He hasn’t come close to our other five children in the Jekyll/Hyde syndrome and is definitely not a follower of anyone other than his chosen mentor and trainer, Tyler. We will never be able to fully thank you, Mr. Tyler Carey!  Your program is wonderful and you have definitely helped to mold our son into a young man we can all be proud of!  May your business thrive, as we will be there and sincerely recommend you all the way!  
Jerry Marquez & Jaye Latimer-Marquez