Group workouts

Media Release: TRIBE Team Training™

DATE: 12/20/2017 BIO Force Family Fitness is excited to be offering TRIBE Team Training™ to our members and club. TRIBE Team Training™ is the world leader in developing small group personal training programs and one of these hugely successful programs are right here in Beaverton. TRIBE Team Training™ has been an international fitness sensation. It…

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Workouts Can Be More Productive With A Workout Buddy

As we’ve said before, we all live busy lives. From work to school and extracurricular activities, finding time for anything else can seem impossible. However, we all know the importance of working out – not only for our health, but to help us maintain a work-life balance. But, as we all know, after a long…

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Is Group Training Right For You?

Bioforce Family Fitness

There are numerous trends that come and go when it comes to workout classes. From one-on-one training to group training, there is a workout class for everyone! However choosing the right class can be the biggest obstacle. So, how do you know if group training is the right fit for you? Well – let’s start…

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