Health Planning

Setting Yearly Fitness Goals!

It doesn’t matter when you start a new resolution, any year can start TODAY! Here are some tips for setting yearly goals: If you didn’t reach last years goals, keep working Just because you didn’t reach your goals from last year, don’t give up on them. Keep working towards reaching those goals – after all, you…

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What is the Winter Challenge

For those of you who have ever trained with us at BIO Force Youth Fitness, you know we love a challenge! Whether challenging yourself to do 5 more reps, trying a new exercise, pushing towards a goal, or signing up for a marathon, challenging yourself in your fitness journey is crucial and that is why…

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Check-In With Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through the year. It seems like just yesterday we were setting New Year’s Resolutions aiming for a healthier lifestyle in 2015. Now that we are in June ( and days away from July ), it is time to check-in to see your progress towards meeting your 2015…

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