Group Fitness Classes

As part of our premium memberships you get unlimited access to our group fitness classes. These classes are led by a certified personal trainer, 5 days a week and designed for adults, children and families looking for extra physical activity provided in a fun and friendly family environment. The guided workouts we organize combine circuit training using state of the art youth and adult strength equipment, functional training, and SAQ training to encourage movement and exercise in a way that is both exhilarating and fun for kids and adults alike!

Circuit Training

Our BIO FORCE Resistance Circuits are designed for anyone at any fitness level! Using state of the art youth and adult resistance machines and dumbbells as well as functional movements to stress your muscles and your body to their limit.  This class is a great way to burn extra calories, build muscle, tone and sculpt your body.

  • Strength Circuit – A total body strength workout developed around building muscle and strength.  Completed in a strength format with sets, reps, and rest time designed to develop your body’s muscles to be stronger and more tone.
  • Endurance Circuit – A traditional total body weight circuit completed at a cardio pace. Little rest between exercises means your heart rate stays elevated for the duration of the circuit building your muscle endurance and creating lean muscle tone.
  • Calorie Burn – Our most popular class, a total body circuit training class with boot camp and functional training in between exercises.  This class utilizes both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems maximizing your body’s ability to burn calories in a short amount of time.

 Boot Camp

BIO FORCE Boot Camps are a nonstop 50-minute class designed to accommodate anyone at any fitness level incorporating function movements, TRX, Plyo-metrics, SAQ, and core training done at an exhilarating rate to maximize calories burned and stress your total body.  Each class is always different to ensure you don’t plateau and to keep your body guessing.  Continual movement is a key factor in our boot camp to make sure your body is working for the entire duration of the class.

  • Total Body Boot Camp – Body weight movements focusing on all the muscles in the body done at a cardio pace using a variety of different equipment to ensure that your body is worked in its entirety.
  • Lower Body Boot Camp – With an emphasis on the lower body with cardio movements in between each leg movement. This fast pace class makes sure your cardio system is stressed while making your lower body faster and stronger.
  • Core Boot Camp – Similar to our Lower Body Boot Camp except emphasizing the core with cardio movements in between each core movement.  This class is designed to give your core an overhaul and make sure that your foundation is solid.

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