Sports Performance Training

The BIO FORCE FamilyFitness Sports Performance Training Program is designed to be dual purpose with focus on both the childhood movement development and the seasoned athlete looking to gain an edge in the competition.

Purpose #1. Bio-Mechanic Movement Accuracy

More and more kids are getting injured at an earlier age due to more intense sports competitions causing children to become over-trained. The absence of proper training to handle this added stress is a contributing factor to the increase of childhood injuries.

BIO Force Family Fitness is focused on teaching kids how to perform sports according to the proper bio-mechanical movements. Our Sports Performance Training program will effectively teach kids the correct way to walk, run, and move to reduce the risk of injury from sports.

Purpose #2. Long Term Athlete Training

Serious athletes understand training shouldn’t be only seasonal, but that year-round preparation is optimal. In our sports training program, we work with you to design a year-long program specifically tailored to your sport and you as an athlete.

The year long program option will take an athlete of any sport through their entire season giving the precise training needed to ensure maximum performance for the duration of their season.


The BIO FORCE Family Fitness Sports Performance Training Program offers 3 customized sessions per week for 3-months, 6-months or one year for children and adults alike.

Sessions are scheduled by appointment: Monday through Friday from 7am – 9pm and Saturday’s from 8am – 7pm.

Ready to Compete with the Best?

Start your sports performance training with BIO FORCE Family Fitness and see the difference proper training can make!