TRIBE Small Group Personal Training

TRIBE Team Training™ has been an international fitness sensation. It combines the camaraderie and accountability of sports team training with cutting-edge programming for different fitness levels and goals.

Unlike typical gym activities where it’s up to you whether or not to show up, with TRIBE Team Training™ you join a team who train together 2x per week for 7 weeks. It’s all run by a TRIBE coach who adapts each exercise to suit every fitness level from beginners to athletes.

It’s like personal training. You will train with the same coach; work with the same team of up to a maximum of 10 team mates, all for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

This program is completely different to group exercise classes. TRIBE members experience fun, belonging, support, direction and individual coaching in a motivating environment so that you can achieve more. PLUS! Bring your MyZone Heart Rate Monitor and compete with others or with yourself!

Come give it a try and see how much motivating, energizing, and fun exercising with a group can be!

*Gym membership not required, but discounts apply with membership. Click here for details