MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring

Tracking your workout just became effortless! BIO Force Family Fitness is proud to incorporate MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring system into our club. MyZone is an accurate heart rate monitoring system that lets our members track exactly how hard they’re working and lets them compete together.

Watch your progress and push yourself further right from the monitors in our club and/or download the MyZone app for FREE and watch your activity from your phone.

Get (1) MyZone Heart Rate Monitor with your new Premium membership, or purchase a personal monitor separately from us.

MyZone Logo (black)

Already Have Your MyZone Heart Rate Monitor?

  • Be sure to register your device at MyZone (link below)
  • Bring it in with you for every workout
  • Watch the monitors at our club
  • Compete with friends or with yourself
  • Watch your heart rate activity on the FREE MyZone phone app

Ready To Get Started? Still Have Questions?