About BIO Force Family Fitness

Welcome to BIO (Building Individual Optimal) FORCE Family Fitness,
where kids, adults and families are empowered to be fit for life!


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Bioforce Fitness Gym
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We are a small family owned fitness boutique. Whether you want to do your own workout, take one of our training classes, yoga, or all of the above the choice is yours. No pressure no crowds. Welcome to your neighborhood gym.

Developed by Tyler Carey (CES, PES, FNS, CPT, SPS) we provide fitness classes, personal training, athletic training, rehabilitation, nutrition counseling and coaching, homeschool fitness, and general health planning to kids, adults and families.

In 2013, Tyler’s passion for health, fitness and battling youth obesity expanded and BIO FORCE Family Fitness was born. With a mission to provide children, their parents, and coaches the proper strength training techniques, nutrition, and bio-mechanical development. BIO FORCE offers top-level programs no matter what age.

Knowing a healthy lifestyle is learned during childhood, we believe in teaching the principles that will allow today’s youth to be fit for life. Each of our fitness training programs are geared toward supporting a healthy lifestyle development, sports injury prevention, and next level fitness advancement.

With that in mind, our approach is simple. We provide a long-term athletic and fitness development program focusing on the development of anyone ages 6 years and up.

But we don’t stop with kids. We offer memberships and training classes for adults and families as well.  With the addition of Tribe Team Training, we now have new and innovative workouts that push the body to excel in every way possible. Tribe Training is not just another workout. Every workout is meticulously designed to push the body to its limits in a safe and effective manner to ensure maximum calories burned while building total body function and strength. Results come faster because each workout builds upon the previous one so you are always moving forward and progressing. No one off workouts, each workout has a purpose. Choose between group personal training classes held daily, or go more individual with our individual personal training packages, or simply come in and get your own workout in anytime you want.


With a heart to see you succeed, a friendly smile and encouraging words, more than eight health and fitness certifications, and over 15 years of experience, Tyler Carey has a successful and proven track record with athletes, children, and adults. Read more about Tyler and his team on the BIO FORCE team page, then come in and experience our facilities and equipment for yourself.

We’d enjoy meeting you and your first visit is complimentary!

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