For those of you who have ever trained with us at BIO Force Youth Fitness, you know we love a challenge! Whether challenging yourself to do 5 more reps, trying a new exercise, pushing towards a goal, or signing up for a marathon, challenging yourself in your fitness journey is crucial and that is why we have started our Winter Challenge!

What is the Winter Challenge

cookiesWe all know that during the holidays, it is easy to wean off our typical exercise routine. From visitors being in town to needing to get all your gifts purchased to simply being too tired to get to the gym, we all have experienced the dreaded holiday weight gain.

In order to challenge our clients and their friends and family to stay healthy & fit this holiday season, we established the Winter Challenge. Earn stars (or points) by attending a class at the gym or participating in some of our Facebook activities.

What are the Rules
From November 30 to January 15, earn points by:

**For those of you who wish to earn points by participating in some of the Facebook activities, you must show Tyler the same day you post that you have participated. **

What Can You Win

Now, you may be asking yourself, “By earning points, what can I win?”

On Monday, January 18, we will announce 3 winners for the Winter Challenge. The winners will be chosen by whoever has the most points come January 15. (Don’t worry! We are keeping track at the gym!)

The first place winner will receive: A health assessment and a private training session with Tyler (a value of $160)

The second place winner will receive: A gym gear pack including a gym bag, water bottle, and towel (a $75 value)

The third place winner will receive: A $25 gift card to New Seasons Market

Why Join the Challenge?

There are a number of reasons to get involved:

  • New Years Goals
    The New Year is quickly approaching which means we are all setting new goals for ourselves in 2016. Typically, we all set a goal of living a healthier lifestyle or losing a specific amount of weight by the following New Year. The Winter Challenge helps you get in the rhythm of going to the gym regardless of other life events. Start early towards reaching your new goals!
  • Keep Off the Holiday Weight
    scaleAs we said before, we all have experienced some weight gain during the holidays. From all of the tasty treats to the delicious meals, our diets train drastically during the holidays, which makes it easy to gain some weight. Even though the holidays are here, we are challenging you to get to the gym and stick to your schedule for our Winter Challenge.
  • Meet Your New Gym Buddy
    From our previous posts, you may already know the benefits of having a gym buddy. As more people are at the gym participating in the Winter Challenge, you have the opportunity to meet others with similar goals as you. In the New Year, ask some of these individuals to be your accountability partner at the gym.
  • Change Your Body
    IMG_7993Now is the time to get healthy! It may seem difficult during the holidays, but there is no better time than now to start working towards your health goals!


For more information on the Winter Challenge, visit our website here or feel free to contact us with questions.

We hope to see you at the gym working towards a better, healthier you!

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