As we’ve said before, we all live busy lives. From work to school and extracurricular activities, finding time for anything else can seem impossible. However, we all know the importance of working out – not only for our health, but to help us maintain a work-life balance. But, as we all know, after a long day at work, we just simply have no energy left and the thought itself of working out is exhausting. So what can we do to change that?

Have you ever heard of a workout buddy? An accountability partner? Similar to when we were younger and did things in pairs (i.e. when walking to school, going to the restroom, etc.), think of a workout buddy as your go-to person to motivate, inspire, and encourage you to get to the gym.

Why should you have workout buddy?


Image courtesy of Pixabay and WerbeFabrik

Image courtesy of Pixabay and WerbeFabrik

One of the best parts of bringing a friend with you to the gym is the encouragement they can provide. As friends, you want to see each other succeed. If you are struggling through an exercise, they are there to give you the encouragement you need to get the most out of your workout. Think of them as your personal cheerleader!

However, in order to get the encouragement you need, you must make each other aware of your goals. For example, if your goal to lose weight, your friend can be your encouragement to eat a healthier meal when you and your friends go out on the weekend. Fitness and health goals are rather personal (we know!) and sharing with a complete stranger may be uncomfortable, but with a friend… it’s easy! After all, our friends often know us better than we know ourselves!


Set a time to be at the gym

Image courtesy of Pixabay and steinchen.

It’s a Wednesday night and you are just plain exhausted from your workweek so you decide to skip the gym. The only person holding you accountable to get to the gym is yourself.

Now, consider this: It’s a Wednesday night and you are plain exhausted from your workweek, but earlier you and your workout buddy had an agreement to meet at the gym at 7:00pm. You don’t want to let your workout buddy down so you find the energy you need and get to the gym! That is exactly what an accountability partner is for.

You and your accountability partner count on one another on those days where you are struggling to get to the gym. You and your accountability partner set a schedule of days to meet at the gym and you hold each other accountable to be there.

Now, you may be thinking, “Well they are my friend and if I have to cancel last minute, they will understand!” Some people may need to set up a cancellation policy with their accountability partner. If you don’t show up, you owe your accountability partner something (i.e. $5, a coffee, a gift certificate, a movie gift card, etc.). Of course if an emergency comes up, skipping the gym is perfectly ok! Just reschedule.

Friendly Competition

Friendly competition at the gym

Image courtesy of Pixabay and Skitterphoto.

For the competitive folks out there, a workout buddy serves as some friendly competition at the gym. When you feel like you can’t do one more sit up but your workout buddy is still going, make it a friendly competition! Who can do more sit ups? Who can hold a plank longer? Remember, it’s all in good fun!



After a long workday, you need some time to relax and have fun! With a workout buddy in place, you have something to look forward to. If it’s a close friend, you know you will get some laughs in while you work out. If it’s a family member, you have some time to catch up and even vent if you’ve had a hard day.

Further, you get to decide what your workout is. You and your workout buddy can decide to do something active outside of the gym once a week. For example, maybe you try a different type of fitness class or you decide to schedule a pick-up game of basketball at the local park. Make your workouts fun for you and your workout buddy!

But who should be your workout buddy?

A friend

Who is that person that you enjoy spending time with? That you share common fitness goals with or that you pushes you to be your best?

A family member

If you are more comfortable telling your fitness goals to a family member and know that they will be understanding and helpful, ask them to be your workout buddy. It gives you an opportunity to catch up with one another, too!

A gym acquaintance

Is there someone that you’ve met at the gym before that inspires you? Or maybe you prefer sharing your goals with someone you are not close with.

A workout buddy could be just what you need to push you towards accomplishing your workout goals. You may even consider finding a group fitness class where you have the opportunity to meet several individuals that have common goals or enjoy the same types of fitness classes as you.

Or, maybe you need someone like a personal trainer to serve as your accountability partner. They will push you to be the best version of yourself and they will count on you to be at every appointment you make with them.

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